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Shipping & Returns

Store Shipping Policy:
Note for packages sent by USPS: All orders that are shipped by USPS are sent out once a week to week and a half. This is due to the fact we are located in Canada and need to drive down to the United States to clear the packages across the CAN/USA border. Once the packages are in the USA, we can take advantage of the better postal rates and delivery times USPS offer.

Shipping Methods Available to Buyers In Canada:

  • CanadaPost Oversized LetterPost Standard Shipping in Canada No Tracking or Insurance. Shipping is $5.15
  • CanadaPost Express Post - Express shipping in Canada with Tracking Shipping is $18.95

 Shipping Methods Available to USA Customers:

  • USPS First Class Mail USA - USA Customers Only No Tracking or Insurance - Shipping is $5.15
  • USPS Priority Mail USA - USA Customers Only - Shipping is $7.95

 Shipping Methods Available to International Customers:

  • USPS First Class Mail International - For international orders, no tracking or insurance available - Shipping $7.95
  • USPS Priority Mail International Flat Rate Box - International World Wide Shipping Option - Shipping is $24.95

Store Shipping Terms & Conditions:
USPS first class mail does not include a tracking number or insurance. International orders can take up to 3-6 weeks to arrive. We are not responsible for lost shipments sent with USPS First Class. Other shipping options and insurance are available.

  • Customs forms will be marked as merchandise valued at the exact sales price with no exceptions. All taxes, duties, or fees charged by your country's customs office are the sole responsibility of the buyer.
  • Minimum order $9.95

All product sales and custom build services are final and non refundable along with any shipping costs associated with those sales. If you receive an order with missing parts please contact us with in 7 days. If there is a problem due to our mistake, we will send out the replacements at our cost.


By using our site, you indicate that you accept these terms and that you agree to abide by them.


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